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La Taquizza Vaughan

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Remwaldo Recommends!

The enchiladas are fully loaded and very filling! Or if you want something different try the flautas!

Posted May 5, 2015 by

Remwaldo's Review

La Taquizza Vaughan, located just north of Vaughan Mills shopping mall serves up the best selection of Mexican dishes in town. La Taquizza serves up just about everything that you can think of that entails Mexican food. Starting with breakfast dishes (note: they open at 11:30) you can get Huevos(eggs) in various different forms. You can get them con carne or con corzio, that is, with steak or Mexican sausage respectively, and the most famous dish is the Huevos Rancheros, which is two sunny side up eggs covered in red salsa. For appetizers you can get lots of different dishes, including your basic nachos with some dips on the side, and much more. They also have soups and salads available. The main dishes are almost endless. There are so many choices that all sound delicious. They have enchiladas, burritos, flautas, huraches, tacos, fajitas and more. They also have some simple dishes for the kids, so everyone can enjoy! And of course, they have a nice selection of Mexican cocktails, including four choices of Mexican Beer, many margarita’s and of course 16 choices of tequila, including silver, gold, reposado and anejo. So come in and enjoy a Mexican feast fit for all, including vegetarians! ¡Buen provecho!