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Thats Italian Ristorante

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Address: 2 Tall Grass Trail, Unit 4-5, Vaughan
Phone Number: 1 416 482 5426
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Remwaldo Recommends!

The polenta fries and arancini are a great starter. While they do have some great Entree's the Pizza and Pastas are delectable!

Posted May 6, 2015 by

Remwaldo's Review

Thats Italian Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located in Vaughan that does it right. While there are many Italian restaurants in Vaughan, That’s Italian Ristorante, located on 2 Tall Grass Drive just off of Pine Valley South of Highway 7, serves up great Italian food for any occasion! Looking to dine in? Take out or Delivery? Catering or Private Parties? That’s Italian Ristorante does it all, and does it all well! Let’s start at dining in. Their menu is fantastic and has an authentic Italian dish for everyone! Their appetizers include your staples like mussels, calamari and bruschetta, and feature unique items like Arancini, Polenta fries and a delicious Pasta e Fagioli soup. The Pizza and Pasta dishes are numerous and delicious. There are 15 pizza’s to choose from, and they range from the traditional Margherita pizza to the elaborate San Rocco which is a white pizza topped with a mozzarella base, cherry tomatoes and cooked, then topped with arugola, mozzarella di bufalo and prosciutto crudo. It is a meal in itself! You can also create your own pizza with customized toppings that are just right for you. The pasta selections are just as numerous and varied. They have lots of different dishes, including seafood options, like Fettucine all’Aragosto which is a rosee sauce with lobster meat. They have a lovely plate of Angelotti stuffed with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and chicken in a pesto cream sauce that is rich and delicious. They also offer spelt and gluten free options of certain pasta dishes! That’s Italian also serves up entrees. They have Chicken and Veal dishes, and you can get either of them all Parmegiana or Scallopini Marsala. They also have both a Meat and Fish special of the day which are always delicious. That’s Italian also has a nice wine menu, and if you have any room left, they offer Cheesecake Factory desserts and Haagen Daz Ice creams! That’s Italian can Host your private parties or can cater your special events. Just give them a call and they can find the right menu for you! That’s Italian also offers their repeat customers some incentive to come back in their Buono Points card! So whenever you are looking for a fresh, authentic and home made meal, remember That’s Italian Ristorante!